A Time To Tell

A Time to Tell is a character led romantic drama which spans 50 years across three generations of one family.

What starts off as a love story becomes a tale of a web of secrets and lies. It is a story about regret and dealing with regret, and about how one person’s actions can affect the lives of many others.

Ultimately A Time to Tell is a story about how true love transcends time. It is a parallel tale of Cara’s life from a teenager to a grandmother, and her grandaughter Penelope’s life.

A Time to Tell explores family relationships and social themes such as domestic violence, through a dramatic and memorable storyline.


Cara opened her eyes and saw a young man with a kind face and spiky ginger hair. ‘Are you alright?’ she heard him say. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around her like a blanket.
‘It was quite a fall. You’re lucky to be alive.’
Lucky to be alive. The words resonated in her mind. She did not feel lucky to be alive. She felt scared, more scared than she had ever felt in her whole life, and very cold.
She looked up towards Stoneleigh Cliffs. The cliffs were even more imposing from below than they had been before she had jumped. She could not believe what she had just done.
The young man distracted her: ‘Someone’s gone to call an ambulance. Hold on, it won’t be long now,’ he said, softly.
She rubbed her eyes to ease the sting of the salt water, and stared up at the cliffs again, as if needing to confirm where she was. As she looked up, the thought occurred to her that Frederick might be up there. For a second she wished he was. Then she felt sick, remembering what he had said to her.
She turned towards the stranger sitting next to her on the stony beach. He smiled sympathetically. ‘I’m Billy,’ he said. ‘What’s your name?’
‘Cara.’ She looked away, feeling self-conscious, knowing that he must have realized what she had just tried to do; she had just tried to take her own life. She had purposefully stepped off the edge of Stoneleigh Cliffs, and yet as soon as she had landed in the violent, unforgiving sea, she had felt herself battle for her life against the powerful waves.
As she stared now towards the grey sea, lashing mightily against the shore, she was amazed that she had survived. She began to fear for her sanity. Why had she gone so far? She started to cry, loud, self pitying tears. She felt Billy’s arms tighten around her. ‘Don’t cry love. You’re safe now,’ he said.
In the distance, she saw the lights of an ambulance, moving towards them. It was true, she thought, she was safe now. But as she watched the ambulance drive onto the beach and the paramedics emerge, she knew that her real nightmare was only just beginning.

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